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The department of child Health Nursing has a sound infrastructure and learning resource to meet academic needs of the students.

Clinical Facilities
The department has adequate clinical facilities with all advanced equipments to improve the performance of the students and render quality services to the public The following facilities are available.

  • Paediatric OPD (Medical, Surgical, Neuro, Ortho, URO, ENT and Ophthalmic), operation theatre (OT), Post Operative Ward, Paediatric Ward, PICU, NICU and Burns Unit.
  • Radiant warmer, phototherapy, ventilator, cardiac monitoring, infusion pump, syringe pump.
  • Community services  -   Under Five Clinic, Immunization, Nutritional Programme, School health programme.

Class Room Facilities:
The department provides pleasant & enthusiastic environment of the students with adequate seating, lighting ventilation and A V aids like OHP LCD, Models Chats Specimen and Slide Projector.

Department Library:
The departmental library has latest edition of all essential text books, thesis, and journal with computer & internet facilities.

Seminal Hall:
The department has sufficient and attractive seating, lighting, ventilation and adequate facilities.

Lab Facilities:
The MCH Lab has the following equipments in order to improve the clinical skills of the students

  • Dummies – 2
  • Instruments
  • Tray settings
  • Play materials  
  • Models   
  • Specimens
  • Chats