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The Department of Child Health Nursing, KGNC was established in the year 2006 with the B. SC Nursing program which is affiliated to Pondicherry University. Balaji Vidyapeeth University has started P.B. B. SC and M. SC Nursing program in the year 2009. The department offers quality education to B.SC (N), P. B.B.SC (N) & M.SC (N) students. The department is supported by a team of faculty members comprising of professors, Lecturer and Tutors/Clinical Instructors.
The department has excellent infrastructure facilities with all modern equipment for imparting quality education & training the U.G. & P.G.  Students. The Department has MCH lab with all basic amenities. The laboratory is equipped with Dummies, Instruments, Models Specimens, Charts, Procedure trays, and Play materials for different age groups.

U.G. & P.G. Students receive excellent clinical exposure in wards such Paediatric Medical Ward, Surgical Ward, OPD s, O.T., P.I.C.U, NICU which is equipped with Warmers, Multichannel monitors, CPAP Units, Phototherapy Units, Mechanical Ventilators, Infusion pumps, Syringe Pumps. Besides this students take field visit/Observation visit to various areas. U.G. Students are involved in group projects & P.G. Students are involved in independent research study.
Four batches of B.SC (N) students in the department has produced excellent results in the University Examinations. Department also conducts Inter Collegiate Quiz competitions, Poster Presentations, Models exhibition, Journal presentations for the benefit of students .  The Department is extending professional services  to the community and observes all vital days both in the college and community. The department constantly encourages the faculty and students to participate and present papers in National and International conferences and to conduct research activities and publish maintain excellence in the field of Child Health Nursing.


  1. The Department was established with the following objectives:
  2. Appreciate the history and developments in the filed paediatrics and paediatric nursing as a specialty.
  3. Apply the concepts of growth and development in providing care to the paediatric clients and their families.
  4. Appreciate the child as a holistic individual.
  5. Perform Physical, developmental and nutritional assessment to the paediatric clients.
  6. Apply nursing process in providing nursing care to neonates and children.
  7. Integrate the concept of family cantered paediatric nursing care with related areas such as genetic disorders, congenital malformations and long term illness.
  8. Recognize and manage emergencies in neonates.
  9. Describe various recent technologies and treatment modalities in the management of high risk neonates.
  10. Appreciate the legal and ethical issues pertaining to paediatric and neonatal nursing .
  11. Incorporates evidence based nursing practice and identify the areas of research in the field of paediatric/neonatal nursing.
  12. Recognize the role of paediatric nurse practitioner and as a member of paediatric and neonatal nursing team.