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Services / Activities

The primary function of the department is to organize learning experience in the field towards nursing education and nursing practice. To encourage nursing research towards comprehensive health care for all the nursing programmes – B.Sc (N), P.B.B.Sc (N) & M.Sc (N) as per the curriculum plan.

Role and primary function of the department and its contribution to health care

A. Nursing Education

  • Plan, implement & evaluate the programme
  • Impart quality education to all the students in the department
  • Apply innovative teaching strategies that enhances learning for the students
  • Ensure excellent academic performance in theory & practical examination
  • Facilitate self development in community through scientific, academic forum, journal club and integrated teaching programme.
  • Conduct periodical evaluation of the student.

B. Nursing Practice

  • Prepare the student to develop desirable attitude & skill in providing comprehensive care of community people.
  • Conduct clinical presentation, demonstration, viva, spot test, health education and motivation.
  • Evaluate the clinical performance, nursing procedure and record book.
  • Provide hands on training to the students.
  • Extend professional services to the remote area.
  • Provide intensive training in the areas of community.

C. Nursing Research

  • Participate actively towards promotion of independent group research activities.
  • Identify the thrust areas of research related to community health nursing in the hospital and community setting.
  • Disseminate the research findings through oral / poster presentation and journal publications.
  • Guide the students in research activities.

D. Contribution to health care

  • Actively participating in immunization clinic in PHC
  • Participate in pulse polio immunization programme in 10 areas (Pillaiyarkuppam. Narambai, Kirumanbakkam PHC,  Moorthykuppam, Kirumampakkampet, Panithittu, Kannikovil, Koravalimedu, Manapet, MGMC & RI.
  • Conducting school health services in local schools by checking anthropometric measurements, general physical examination in school community and doing referral in case of any existing serious problem.
  • Conduct health education in the community area on various topics like worm infestation, vitamins deficiency, scabies, prevention of accidents in various age groups, community safety, prevention of diarrhea and prevention of malnutrition, etc.
  • Conduct mass health education programmes through role play, puppet show, etc.
  • Comprehensive health care through home visits.
  • Treatment of minor ailments.
  • Actively participate in the entire health programme.

On the whole, our department shall focus in family and community health as a unit of care.