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Community Health Nursing is one of the clinical specialties in nursing profession and gives happiness to some people who deserve to be served most.

The Community Health Department provides the public with a variety of activities that make Community and Primary Health Nursing come to life. Community Health Nursing takes into account the larger community within which we live and allow nurses to view both patient needs and intervention beyond the individual clients. Community Health Nursing has a rich history that continues to guide its practice today. Our College of Nursing students collects health related information and also provides health services to the patients.

Our Department of Community Health Nursing was established in 2004 with the following objectives and philosophy.


  1. Define various terms in Community Health Nursing.
  2. Explain the concept of identification and community diagnosis.
  3. Discuss community health nursing process.
  4. Describe the knowledge, skill and attitude required to practice community health nursing.
  5. Apply the principles of community health nursing.
  6. Identify the events involved in the changes and development of community health nursing.
  7. Have an important responsibility in providing nursing care to the families especially to the vulnerable group of mothers & community.
  8. To identify the risk factors and early referral to the next higher health care provider in preventing morbidity and mortality.

Nursing involves many different kinds of activities, concepts, skills created by health, social services and other services. The community health nursing practice helps many roles such as care giver, administrator, decision maker, teacher, philosopher and friend. A communicator, researcher and a nurse act simultaneously because of the complex inter relationship of the roles.

Practicing public health nurse needs a philosophy of nursing to guide their delivery of comprehensive nursing in the community in order to provide curative services, preventing disease, providing health and rehabilitation services to the community.