About the Department

  • The Department of Community Health Nursing  aims to provide in depth knowledge in community health nursing concepts, philosophy, principles and practice.
  • The Department functions with the belief that every patient coming to a health care institution belongs to a family and community and hence considers holistic care are of utmost importance.
  • Extensive practical experiences are provided to the students in rural and urban community and in  Primary Health Centres.

Department of community health nursing believe, accept and recognize in:-

  • The essential dignity and worth of the individual.
  • The possession by individual of potentialities and resources for managing their own lives.
  • The importance of freedom to express one’s individuality.
  • The right of the individual to help in times of need and crisis.

“Reach the unreached”

  • Extensive in depth knowledge in community health nursing concepts, philosophy, principle and practice.
  • Realize the importance and techniques of epidemiological approaches for solving community health problems
  • Develop skills in identifying health needs of the individuals, family and community and demonstrate skill in providing comprehensive family health care using available resources.
  • Demonstrate skill in programme planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Develop ability to function as a member of the community health team and initiate positive change in health care system.
  • Integrate aspects of promotion of health and prevention of illness in community.


  • Anganwadi  training programme.
  • Telephonic nursing
  • Department of Community Health Nursing works in collaboration with various other organizations in conduction of health camp and special health programmes in SBV adopted villages.

Department is collaborated with governmental and non-governmental agencies in provision of community outreach services and also provides collaborative services with rural & urban centres. Outreach programs are carried out on regular basis in collaboration with the community medicine department of MGMCRI hospital and adopted villages

Service Areas Covered


  • Urban health and training centre of MGMC&RI, Puducherry
  • Rural health and Training Centre of MGMC&RI at Seliamedu
  • Health care services rendered to both Urban and Rural areas of Puducherry and Cuddalore (Urban areas -Pillaithotam, Ariyankuppam, Rural areas – C.N.Palayam, Gunamangalam, Seliamedu, Pillaiyarkuppam, Moorthikuppam, Valluvarmedu, Kirumampakkam,Adingapettu)

Extended Activities

  • Offers free preventive, curative and rehabilitative services in rural and urban areas
  • Conduct free medical camps regularly.
  • Mass awareness program in every six month duration
  • Participates actively in all national health programmes
  • Conducts in-service education programmes for health care workers

Research Thrust Areas

  • Women and Geriatric Health
  • Community nutrition
  • Focus on Communicable (TB, malaria) and Non communicable diseases (HT,DM,CAD, stroke, cancer, obesity)
  • Complimentary therapies

Outreach Activites -


  • Demographic survey
  • Home visits
  • Nursing procedures like health assessment for various age groups, including physical and nutritional assessment.
  • Simple laboratory investigations like urinalysis for albumin and sugar.
  • Renders individual, group and mass health education programmes.
  • Conducts school health services.
  • Implements national health program in collaboration with public health sector.
  • Major focus of care involves maternal and child health, geriatrics and mental health.
  • Conducts mass awareness program .
  • Participates actively in all National Health Programmes like Pulse Polio, Filariasis, Leptospirosis, etc.
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