Department of Child Health Nursing

The Department of Child Health Nursing provide courses within the framework of the curriculum laid down by the Indian Nursing Council (INC) and Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth. The department trains the student’s to develop expertise, in-depth understanding and competent skills to respond to the health care needs of infants, children and their families.

The Department believes in teamwork, collaboration, participatory decision making and provides a conducive learning environment for the students. They are rendered the opportunity to handle the most sophisticated equipments and utilize the state of the Art Simulation centre accredited by the American Heart Association for varied procedures.

The Department emphasizes on Evidence Based Nursing Practice to safeguard the health of the child and family. The courses offered, therefore strengthen the student’s ability to handle children and their family with ease, confidence and emerge out as specialist in the field of Paediatric Nursing.

– Prof. Sumathy P , HOD


Department of Community Health Nursing

The Department of Community Health Nursing was established in the year of 2002 with an aim to provide in-depth knowledge and practice on concepts, philosophy, principles of Community Health Nursing. In philosophy the department concern with believe, accept and recognize in the essential dignity, worth and rights of the individuals to help in time of needs and crisis. The objectives are to “REACH THE UNREACH”, Developing skills in identifying health needs of the individuals, family, community and demonstrate skill in providing comprehensive family health care using available resources. The department has collaborated with governmental and non – governmental agencies towards providing community outreach activities. The department is offering free of preventive, curative and rehabilitative services in rural and urban areas, conducting Free Medical camps, Mass awareness programme, Participating National Health Programme and Conducting in-service education programme for healthcare workers.

– Mrs.Bamalakshmi V, HOD

Department of Mental Health Nursing 

Department of Mental Health Nursing primarily focuses on people of all ages with mental illness such as psychotic and Neurotic disorders. It aims in imparting quality education and skill, to UG and PG students facilitating to provide optimal care in preventive, promotive, curative aspects of mental illness and rehabilitative aspects of Mental health.

This Department works effectively by establishing collaboration with various multi-disciplinary teams in the hospital and in the community for the promotion of mental health for target community like adolescents , school children, elderly , general public etc

Department provides surplus opportunities to students to excel themselves in clinical skills by providing clinical training in MGMC&RI , Mental Health Centres across the country like NIMHANS Bangalore for PGs, Sacred Heart Hospital Kerala for UG and having MOU’s with Bhartmatha Deaddiction Centre, Dhanvanthri Mental Health Centre, Baby Sarah’s home, FLSH.

Our Student nurses receive adequate training in psychological therapies, building a therapeutic alliance, dealing with challenging behavior and the administration of psychiatric medications etc. The objective of the Department is well achieved by effective team work and commitment of the faculty by producing 100% result in university exams.

Mrs.Prabhavathy.S, Asso.Prof, HOD

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Our OBG Nursing department is an extensive branch of nursing science dealing with women in relation to her reproductive organs, childbirth and treatment of women before and after childbirth.

Being an OBG Nurse is


Twice the work,

Twice the stress, and twice the responsibility,

At a time,

But also,

Twice the hug,

Twice the love and

Twice the pride.

The aim of our department is to actively strive for excellence in education, practice, and research related to the health of women and children. Further, it aims to expand academic excellence through the collaborative viable network with local, national and international agencies. We ensure effective and efficient services to our student community and enable them to function as educators, managers, and researchers in the field of maternity nursing. The department encourages student research in the core areas of women’s health, high-risk pregnancy, neonatal care and related health areas pertaining to women and newborn.

The faculty and staff in the department of OBG Nursing are dedicated to creating a learning environment that focuses on excellence in clinical care while also fostering individual interest in research, teaching, and other professional pursuits. Our program offers the unique opportunity to take advantage of one of the best healthcare environment in the country.

As HOD of the department of OBG Nursing, I am honoured to lead this outstanding team who provide highly expertise learning environment to the undergraduate and postgraduate students.

It is our mission to transform women’s health through our research, education and our patient care for all those we are privileged to serve.

– Prof. Annie Annal M, HOD