Department of Medical Surgical Nursing has wide leaps backed up by a team of eminent faculty members in all cadres who execute exemplary functions from its inception with utmost dedication and team spirit till date, aiming for excellence in all perspectives of Medical Surgical Nursing, striving to add fame to the institution to shine as the best out of all nursing colleges in and around the nation.

The primary function of the Nursing Foundation Department headed by Department of Medical Surgical Nursing is to provide in depth knowledge and skill in core concepts of nursing practice in UG programmes which is the basis of nursing profession.


Department of Medical Surgical Nursing (MSN) believes that it prepares each student to become a well qualified person in the art and science of nursing and meet prescribed standards of education & clinical competencies related to basic and advanced concepts related to Nursing Foundation and Medical Surgical Nursing. It trains the students to independently perform activities in promotion of health, prevention of illness, care the ill, disabled and dying people and key roles like Advocacy, Nurse Clinician, Educator, Researcher and so on in the health care delivery system.

The Department lab is equipped with adequate number of mannequins with advanced options that help to amalgamate classroom teaching with skill learning successfully. The students are trained in the laboratory to acquire skills as per and their compliance is ensured using the competency check list.

The Medical Simulation State of the Art Centre, a multi-professional training facility with American Heart Association Accreditation for BLS and ACLS training and the only high fidelity simulation centre in MGMCRI are being utilized by our nursing students during Medical Surgical Nursing Posting.

The Department takes meticulous efforts in training the students to acquire sound knowledge and skill in basic principles of Nursing Science and molds the student in overall development to render care with advanced technology reaching global standards of care.  The Department extends its support towards patient care services in the parent hospital and takes initiative in sustaining the quality and standards of practice in all perspectives of patient care. The Department also focuses on the community areas by periodically conducting Health camps, Awareness programs, Screening camps and Survey in the outskirts of Puducherry and Cuddalore targeting the high risk population. The department also shows keen interest in Evidence Based Practice by triggering the research activities focusing on research thrust areas identified by the department.

Meticulous Training of Students


  • Learning Management system
  • ICMR sponsored conferences
  • Eminent Educationist as a leader with International recognition as Evaluator for Contextual projects
  • Vibrant faculty team with dedication
  • Innovative Teaching Learning methods Clinical Conferences,Concept Mapping, Fish Bone Technique.
  • Objectivised Evaluative methods which includes spotters..
  • Active creating Evidence Based Practice through self -funded and SBV funded department projects.
  • Well  identified  Research Thrust Areas and focusing  our research activities to it.
  • Executing societal responsibility by rendering service to community through awareness program, conducting survey etc , focusing on the target population round the year.
  • Periodic conduction of Clinical Meet,  bridging the gap between theory and practice and applying the knowledge while training the students.
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    • Focusing on self development in the profession through publication in Indexed and Non Indexed Journals with high impact factor.
    • Keeping abreast with recent trends and development in Nursing Education, Practice and Research through conduction of conferences /CNE/paper presentations.
    • Meticulous training of students by skillful teaching faculty, in classroom & Clinical settings.
    • Organizing Value Added Lectures to keep abreast with advances in technology.

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