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Services / Activities

The department offers following services in the field of health care:

  • Assessment of various mental health problems.
  • Counsel and educate children, family and significant others.
  • Applying legal aspects in mental health settings and making the student nurse to participate.
  • Observing and assisting in therapies.
  • Motivate the clients for early treatment and follow up.
  • Make the students to provide comprehensive care to patients with mental health problems.
  • Make the students to have dynamics of personality development and human behavior.
  • Creating opportunities for students learning.
  • Develop soft skills of the students.
  • Psychodrama to solve Issues In clinics.
  • Make the students to be assertive in personal and professional actions.
  • Conducting case conference, bedside clinics.
  • Promote the self esteem of the clients, others and self.
  • Incorporating alternative system of medicine used In psychiatric settings.