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Ms. Kavitha R. R, Lecturer, Department of Mental Health Nursing has published the following articles:

  1. Learning disability - Learning in a learner’s view published in Pondicherry Journal of Nursing (2009), volume (1) issue — 14 — 17.
  2. A study to assess the effectiveness of nursing intervention on family members’ Knowledge about drug compliance among the clients with Schizophrenia published In Pondicherry Journal of Nursing 2008 (2) 29 - 32.
  3. Contributed a chapter on the book TM Learning Disability”. Editor — Dr. E.M. Rajan. The name of the chapter is ‘Learning Disability — A biological perspective”.
  4. Drinking refusal self efficacy and coping behaviors among ADS clients published in Pondicherry Journal of Nursing (2010). ; 1