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Future Plan

The department of Medical Surgical Nursing has envisaged following future plans for the department:

  • Wall Magazine
  • PhD program in Medical — Surgical Nursing
  • Organizing National level Seminars / Workshop / Conference under the banner of Medical - Surgical Nursing Department.
  • Establishing a Society for Medical - Surgical Nursing in Puducherry state with eminent Medical Surgical professional, with a plan to render nursing services through the society for the patients, nurses and students community.
  • Preparing protocols related to nursing interventions for various Medical and Surgical condition with Evidence based Nursing Practice.
  • Conduction of research projects in the hospitals periodically and reinforcement of application or utilization of those research evidences in our own hospitals for the benefit of consumer care.
  • Will commence Trauma Care Nursing, Critical Care Nursing.
  • Collaborative activities with state or national agencies to improve standards of health care and nursing practice.
  • Collaborate with Institution at overseas for clinical exposure and placements.
  • Faculty exchange program with International Institutions.