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The faculties and students of medical surgical nursing communicates the research findings through publishing the research paper in regional; national & international journals and presenting their research findings in various conferences, workshops held at regional; national a international level. The HOD of Medical surgical nursing is active member of Nursing Research Society of India.

Details are as follows:

  1. Prof. Mrs. Renuka K (August 2008), on Emerging Trend. In CPR A Chain of Survival, Pondicherry Journal of Nursing (PJN), 1(1), Pg . 18-21.
  2. Mrs. Lakshmi, Lecturer (August 2008), Nutritional Support in Critically Ill Patients, PJN, 1(1), Pg. 10-13.
  3. Prof. Mrs. Renuka K, (February 2009), A study to assess Effectiveness of STP on Modifiable Risk of MI among patient with hypertension at ESI Hospital, Puducherry, PJN, 1(3), Pg.41-42.
  4. Mrs. Lakshmi, Lecturer, (February 2009), Regulatory Body in Nursing, PJN, 1(3), Pg. 22-26.
  5. Mrs. Lakshmi, Lecturer, (May 2009), Emergency Services, PJN, 1(4), Pg. 21-25.
  6. Prof. Mrs. Renuka K, (June 2009), on Frozen Embryo Transfer for Infertility, PJN, 2(1), Pg. 15-18.
  7. Mrs. Kripa Angeline, Lecturer, (October 2009), Prevent Breast Cancer, PJN, 2(2), Pg. 37-38.
  8. Mr. Raja Rajan Madhan, Asst. Lecturer, (October 2009), Computer Vision Syndrome, Nursing Journal of India, 10, Pg. 236-237.
  9. Prof. Mrs. Renuka K,(December 2009), Effects of Bariatric Surgery on Morbid Obesity and DM, Vol. 2, Issue 3.