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Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College is the brain child of our Young, Enthusiastic and Vibrant Chairman Mr. M. K. Rajagopalan, established In the year 2003 which was affiliated to Pondicherry University. With the blessings and guidance of our beloved Dean of faculty Prof. Dr. S. Kamalam, Department of Medical — Surgical Nursing was Incepted In the year 2005 with the team of efficient Faculty members.

Currently, our Institution has attained Deemed University Status in 2009. We are under SRI BALAJI VIDYAPEETH offering 3 programs namely

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing,
  • Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing,
  • Master of Science in Nursing.
Department of Medical Surgical Nursing has taken a great parade with the eminent faculty members in all cadres function from the beginning deliberately and dedicatedly with the team sprit till date aiming to excel multi dimensionally and strive to bring our institution as best out of all nursing colleges in an around the nation.

Department of Medical Surgical Nursing (MSN) believes that it prepares each student to become a well qualified person in the art and science of nursing and meet prescribed standards of education and clinical competencies related to Medical Surgical Nursing.

Department of Medical Surgical Nursing believes that if prepares students to encompass autonomous and collaborative care of individuals of all ages, families, communities, sick or well in all settings in and around the Nation. It trains the students to independently perform activities in promotion of health, prevention of illness, care the ill, disabled and dying people and key roles like Advocacy, Nurse Clinician, Educator, Researcher and so on in the health care delivery system.

Department of MSN believes that it focuses on the recent and emerging trends in medical surgical nursing and would like to incorporate them in teaching and training the students.

Department of MSN believes that it prepares and builds the students in such a way to acquire knowledge and develop proficiency in comprehensive nursing skill based upon scientific principles and concepts Involved in medical surgical nursing and providing basic and specialized care for patients with medical surgical disorders in varieties of health care setting and Home.

Department of MSN believes that it moulds the personality of the students and builds them to lead a well defined and healthy life in future with assertiveness and confidence. They acquire skills to solve their problems by their own and function independently as a wholesome citizen in the society.

Department of Medical Surgical Nursing (MSN) enables the students to understand and gain adequate knowledge regarding concepts, principles and diseases related to medical surgical nursing including specialty and sub specialties like critical care nursing, oncological nursing and develop desirable attitude and skills in applying the knowledge regarding the recent trends and hi-tech advances in health care delivery system while caring the patients with medical surgical conditions in various clinical settings at national and international level. Following are the specific objectives of the department:

  1. Teach the students to apply the concepts of health promotion, prevention and cure of diseases, rehabilitation and home care services.
  2. Impart the knowledge of the students regarding concepts, diseases, its management, basic and specialized procedures involved in medical surgical nursing.
  3. Train the students to excel in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  4. Train the students to perform comprehensive nursing care skillfully and appreciate the client as a holistic individual.
  5. Equip the students with knowledge and skill in updating Recent Trends and Technological Advancements in diagnosis and treatment of various medical surgical conditions and perform efficiently in any setting, Nationally and Globally.
  6. Motive the students to abide with nursing ethics and code, recognize legal and ethical issues relevant to medical surgical nursing.
  7. Prepare and train the students to adopt and achieve the role of Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Educator, Nurse Researcher, Nurse Manager, etc at national and global level.
  8. Motivate the students to participate in various programmes at institutional, national and international level.
  9. Enable the students to conduct research activities in various settings at all levels and motivate the students to practice evidence based nursing.
  10. Mould the personality and all round development of the students to lead independent style of living.
  11. Build a positive attitude, confidence, assertiveness, leadership quality to enhance professional excellence.