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Board of Studies Activities:

The board of studies activities is carried out by the faculty of the Nursing Foundation departments. Associate Lecturers and Tutors / Clinical Instructors are in B .Sc and P.B.B.Sc (N).

The required hours are allotted to Nursing Foundation by respective class co-ordinators. The units are allotted to all the faculty members by the HOD. All the faculty members in the department should Teach and Demonstrate the Procedures in the Foundation Lab and should have a clinical supervision of students in the clinical area.

The method of evaluation in the theory is done by conducting unit test, Spot test, assignments and in practical by the performance appraisal of students in each rotation of the clinical area.

The examinations are conducted in the month of August for B.Sc  (N) and July for P.B.B.Sc (N).

No. of students enrolled in B.Sc (N) and P.B.B.Sc (N) programmes:

Year B.Sc (N) P.B.B.Sc (N)
2003 60 -
2004 45 -
2005 69 -
2006 100 -
2007 91 -
2008 82 -
2009 78 17


Academic Achievements in Nursing Foundation

Year Nursing Foundation % of Results
2003 100
2004 100
2005 98.5
2006 76
2007 76
2008 75


Academic Achievements in Nursing Principles- I

Year Appeared Distinction I Class II Class Fail
2003 60 29 31 - -
2004 45 3 29 12 -
2005 69 6 57 5 1
2006 100 21 52 22 5
2007 91 4 63 22 2
2008 82 2 32 28 21


Academic Achievements in Nursing Principles - II

Year Appeared Distinction I Class II Class
2003 60 35 25 -
2004 45 1 28 16
2005 69 19 48 2
2006 100 7 67 26
2007 91 10 62 11
2008 82 9 53 -


Toppers in Nursing Foundation

Year Subject Name of the Students Rank Marks
2007 Nursing Principles - I Ms. Neena Elsa Joseph I 81/100
Ms. Shyni II 77/100
Ms. Simi James
Nursing Principles - II Ms.Amutha I 90/100
Ms. Asha II 75/100
2006 Nursing Principles - I Ms. Jisha Thomas I 83/100
Ms. Kala Antony
Ms. Neethumol Kuriakose
Ms. Sherin Sherif II 82/100
Ms. Sowmya Samuel
Nursing Principles - II Ms. Jossy Jose I 74/200
Ms. Sherin Sherif
Ms. Sinu Susan Rajan
Ms. Aswathy Mohan II 73/200
Ms. Parvathy
2005 Nursing Principles - I Ms. Arokiamary I 78/100
Ms. Neethu Kuriakose
Ms. Anu Ittan II 77/100
Nursing Principles - II Ms. Geenet I 79/200
Ms. Dona II 73/200
2004 Nursing Principles - I Tibin Joseph I 78/100
Ms. Shakila.s II 76/100
Nursing Principles - II Mr. Tibin Joseph I 155/200
Ms. Vineeth II 154/200
2003 Nursing Principles - I Ms. Greeshma Sarath I 87/100
Ms. Jincy George II 85/100
Nursing Principles - II Mr. Sareesh.R I 167/200
Ms. Greeshma Sarath II 164/200
Ms. Manikutty Abraham

The department of FON follows various innovative practices which go a long way in building and strengthening the department.

Spot Test:
Articles of clinical interest are collected and displayed in the FON lab. ‘The students are then asked to write the salient features of each item on display. This helps students in identifying and learning about the article in detail.

Poster Presentation:
A theme related to the subject is chosen and students are asked to prepare posters based on the theme. Winners are encouraged with prizes.

Quiz competitions are conducted on important days related to Nursing Foundations’ or in collaboration with SAF - KGNC.

Class schedules are put-up regularly and it is seen to it that the students are given intense coaching as per schedule.
Special Coaching For Slow Learners and Motivational Programmes for Advanced

Based on the internal assessment marks and the general performance in the class, some of the slow-learners are identified. Special coaching classes are planned and carried out. Special attention is given for these students, so that they are better .prepared to face the exam. The advanced learners are motivated through special quizzes, tests which helps them to perform better.

Progress Report:
A report of the academic performance of each student, along with their conduct, is sent to the parents, once every 3 months.

Self Development:
Students have ample opportunity to develop themselves by participating In Scientific and Academic Forum, Journal Club, Integrated Teaching Programme, b etc.,

A sincere feedback on the subject, faculty and other activities of the department like seminars and tutorials are received from the students, faculty and HOD. This helps to know both the positive and negative aspects of the department.
It serves as an important tool in developing the department in the right way.

Return Demonstration:
Each procedure, according to the requirement, IS demonstrated to the students by the faculty, In the demo room. To know the level of understanding of the students, each student is asked to re-do the procedure in the presence of the teacher. This helps the students to be through with the procedure before carrying it out on patients.

Interactive Sessions:
Apart from the lectures, interactive sessions are held with the students. This session help the students to come out with doubts that are clarified by the teachers. Also, specific valuable points towards the development of the department are discussed.
A sincere feedback on the subject, faculty and other activities of the department like seminars and tutorials are received from the students, faculty and HOD. This helps to know both the positive and negative aspects of the department.
It serves as an important tool in developing the department in the right way.

Subject Records:
As an innovative approach, record books were given to the important topics for diagrams were indexed. Students complete within the stipulated time & submit to the teachers, which evaluated. This is done, so that, students are prepared examination in not only the theoretical part, but also diagrams.

Use of CD & DVD:
Teachers of this department regularly use CD’s & DVD’s as AV aids during their lecture.

Students are given assignments which encourages them to use the internet. Websites like Med scope, med line, pub med, Cochrane, cinhal are the most common sites used by our students.

Mentor Mentee Programme:
The Nursing Foundation department is conducting a mentor mentee program in the ratio of 1:5. The mentor periodically monitors the mentees and provides guidance to improve the academic performances. Slow learners are identified and additional guidance was given by the mentors to improve the academic performance of the students.

Advanced learners are also identified and were motivated to participate in intercollegiate quiz program, essay competition, poster presentation, scientific academic forum and journal club.

Discipline & Culture:
The students are highly disciplined and they abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the college. Students are encouraged to be punctual and maintain their dress code. Students who fail to follow the rules and regulation is brought to the notice of the Principal and necessary disciplinary action is taken. The college has an anti-ragging committee that maintains the academic decorum. The students are thus behaved, maintain their dignity and keep up the name of their profession.

Activity Reports Pertaining to Department of Nursing Foundation
Students actively participate in Qualitative Patient care and Health teaching in the hospital. Inter-collegiate quiz competition is conducted and students from various colleges of Pondicherry participate in it. Apart from these, students 1o participate in posters, essay competition organized by the
Fundamental department, MGMC & RI and have bagged several prizes.

Departmental Meetings:
Every month departmental meetings will be held that will be chaired by the Head of the Department of Nursing Foundation.
At the commencement of each semester master rotation plans, clinical rotation plans, allotment of units for various faculties and their clinical requirements will be discussed. The tentative schedule to conduct the test and record submission will be discussed. The faculty will be instructed to look into the student’s progress and discipline. Meeting was conducted to review whether the theory and practical classes are going according to the planned schedule.
The college and the various department function under the able guidance and direction from the Dean who always emphasis on striving for academic excellence.