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S.No Student Name Topic Evaluator
1 Emil K. Paul Radiological examination Mrs. Christy
Various child birth practices Mrs. Christy
Genetics teratology & genetic counselling Mrs. Lavanya
Organization management of nursing services in NICU Mrs. Sumathy
Abortion – Legislation, clinical rights professional responsibilities, role of midwifery nurse practitioner Mrs. Lavanya
2 Deepa Varghese Minor disorders of pregnancy Mrs. Christy
Minor disorders of pregnancy Mrs. Christy
Management of normal puerperium postnatal exercises, warm chain, rooming in Mrs. Lavanya
Observation & care of newborn Mrs. Sumathy
Demographic trends, vital statistics calculation of indicators (maternal mortality rates) and other health problems Mrs. Lavanya
3 Rani P. Ipe Preparation for child birth and parenthood Mrs. Christy
Analgesia and anesthesia in labour Mrs. Christy
Role of nurse in family welfare programmes in all settings, role of independent nurse midwifery practitioner Mrs. Lavanya
Physiology of puerperium, assessment of postnatal mother Mrs. Lavanya
Recent  advancement in midwifery management Mrs. Sumathy
4 Vesta Wilson Assessment  - maternal and fetal measures, maternal measures – history taking, examination in general, physical & obstetrical measurements Mrs. Christy
Resuscitation (newborn) Mrs. Christy
Menopause Mrs. Sumathy
Family life education, JEC, MIES Mrs. Lavanya
Physiology of lactation, lactation management, exclusive breast feeding, BFHI Mrs. Lavanya