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The Department of OBG (N) was established during the year 2003. The institution offered the programme of basic B.Sc (N), which is affiliated to Puducherry University and recognized by the state and Indian Nursing Council. The first batch of students entered into maternity department during the academic year of 2006-07.

Since the first batch of students have completed their course with 100% success rate, the academic committee took-up the necessary steps with strong support of management to start higher education courses such as P.B.B.Sc (N) and Post-Graduate (N) in various specialty for trained nurses. During this academic period, the institution achieved the status of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth Deemed University and every programme is running under the same name with standard guidelines of Indian Nursing Council.

According to Indian Nursing Council norms, OBG Department comprises of 8 faculty members. The details of the students are as follows:

Student Details:

Course Boys Girls Total
Basic B.Sc (N)
  Sep - Aug 2014 13 47 60
 June - Dec 2013 03 09 12
 Sep - Aug  2013 10 49 59
P.B.B.Sc (N)
   2013- 2014 - 14 14
   2012 - 2013 05 05
M.Sc (N)
   2011 - 2013 - 04 04

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Nursing aims to maintain excellence in the field of Education, Service and Research contributing to comprehensive care of the reproductive age group. The department imparts the knowledge on OBG (N) to Basic B.Sc (N), P.B.B.Sc (N) and M.Sc (N) students within the framework of the curriculum plan of the College of Nursing.

Department Objectives:

  1. Impart quality education to the students in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing
  2. Apply innovative teaching strategies that enhance learning outcomes of the students.
  3. Plan, implement and evaluate the programmes related to the department.
  4. Prepare students to provide family centered comprehensive care to reproductive age group and neonates.
  5. Ensure excellent academic performance and overall development of students in both clinical and theory toward care of pregnant mothers.
  6. Extend professional services to community.
  7. Participate actively towards promotion of independent and collaborative research.
  8. Facilitates faculty development through CNE, Journal Club, ITP, SAF, Orientation and refresher courses, seminar, workshop and conference.
  9. Encourage the faculty to present scientific papers / research papers in conference at national and international level.
  10. Encourage the students to participate actively in curriculum and co-curriculum activities.
  11. Observe all the vital days related to Obstetric and Gynaecological Nursing.
  12. Participate in the college development activities.


  • The philosophy of the department of OBG Nursing believes in behavioural objectives model for curriculum.
  • The OBG department reflects values and beliefs of the CON regarding human being, health, society, nursing, nursing education, learner and curriculum within the framework of MCH nursing care.
  • The OBG department believes that the critical thinking, effective communication and application of evidences based nursing interventions are vital for designing the nursing process to deliver the effective care to the mother and child.
  • The faculty believes in preparing the students in promoting health, preventing illness, limiting disability and achieving optimal level of well being throughout all natal phases.
  • The OBG department considers in providing training to the students in correlating theory into practice to provide holistic care to the pregnant women and to the new born.
  • The faculty believes in preparing professional nurses to advocate professional practice adhering to ethical principles and legal standards of practice.
  • The faculty also accepts as true in realizing professionalism, knowledge and competence among students in par with the international trends in the specialized fields.