ICMR Sponsored Conferences

The institute shows a keen interest in organizing conferences in National and International banners such as Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Sponsored Conferences on Voice of Midwives- Revitalizing the Reproductive Health, hosted by Obstetrical and Gynecology Nursing Department. And “Breaking Bad News: Oncology Nursing – Exploring New Horizons”, hosted by Department Of Medical-Surgical Nursing.

ICMR Sponsored Conferences

The institute shows a keen interest in organizing conferences in National and International banners such as Indian Council Of Medical Research (ICMR) Sponsored Conferences on Voice of Midwives- Revitalizing the Reproductive Health, hosted by Obstetrical and Gynecology Nursing Department. And “Breaking Bad News: Oncology Nursing – Exploring New Horizons”, hosted by Department Of Medical-Surgical Nursing.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning management system a long run dream, milestone in KGNC was inaugurated by the department of medical-surgical nursing on 11.2.2015. In the past few years, there has been a substantial rise in the use of an interest in teaching and learning paradigm. With the proliferation of Internet technology, virtual communications, and learning management systems, many students are interested in learning management system. With this thought, the students were sensitized to E-learning Module on hemodynamic monitoring, which is further extended to flipped classes on PEP Hepatitis.

Pondicherry Journal of Nursing (PJN)

KGNC takes its own pride to publish an international peer-reviewed, professional National journal for nurses which provides a user-friendly forum for sharing and stimulating therapeutic ideas among health professionals working in both the public and independent sectors titled Pondicherry Journal of Nursing. It contains a wealth of information about original research and review articles. It covers news and views on issues of concern to all professional groups working with patients, children, and families in a therapeutic environment. Our journal in the field of publication started in the year 2008. It has its ISSN No.2279-0144 from the year 2012 with 3 issues per year. We have around 100 subscribers Nationwide. This opportunity helps all the nationwide writers working as faculty & nurses. Also helps the students & scholars doing research work in the field of  Nursing.

Nursing Education Unit (NEU)

Nursing Education Unit of KGNC supports the professional practice of nursing and the delivery of safe, evidence-based high-quality care for patients and sound knowledge and skill for nursing students.NEU is designed to develop educational activities that meet the learning needs of all registered nurses, to evolve competent nurses to respond to changes in the health care environment in terms of Practice, Education and Research. It showcases different teaching strategies to achieve the standards in professional practice like hosting workshops, conferences, symposium, panel discussion etc. NEU conducts faculty development programme to empower the nursing faculty members in Teaching Learning Process.

Placement Cell

Placement Cell has been established with the aspiration to provide best career opportunities for nursing students. It plays a key role in co-coordinating placement activities and guiding the students for their successful career placement. It acts as an interface between the academic process of the student and their entry into the world outlook. The final year nursing students are recruited by various organizations in and around the state, major cities in India and abroad. The placement activities are arranged and facilitated by the institution during the month of June /July every year. The cell also proposes to conduct career guidance seminars and workshops to enable the students to become successful professionals. The successful professionals are willing to take a placement in campus recruiters, foreign careers, also higher education in India and foreign countries. The placement cell also keeps a track of the changes in the skills required as per the current trends in the industry and this feedback is incorporated in the teaching and training curriculum so as to prepare the students well.

Women Cell

Women Cell upholds the dignity of every woman at KGNC. To facilitate gender sensitive and congenial working environment, so that women, whether the female employee (contract, casual, temporary and permanent) or female student, are not subjected to gender-specific discrimination or sexual harassment and to empower every female in our institute.

Red Ribbon Club (RRC)

Red Ribbon Club collaborates with Pondicherry AIDS control society to achieve a national goal. The club is focusing on the prevalence reduction of HIV/AIDS in Pondicherry union territory, creating awareness among high-risk groups, adolescents, Antenatal mothers, transgender and general Public regarding prevention of HIV/ AIDS. And throughout the year, conducting various awareness programmes among the rural public regarding HIV/ AIDS in the state.

Youth Red Cross (YRC)

Youth Red Cross (YRC) in Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College is one of the avenues among several national collaborated service scheme available to the students to be pursued under personality and character development programmes. YRC is the most important constituent of its mother organization, INDIAN RED CROSS. It is a student movement organized for students in colleges and medical institution.YRC in Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College was established in the academic year 2016. As per the orders of IRCS, Puducherry. Activities like Road safety campaign, Tree plantation, campus cleaning, Rally, and Mock Disaster Drill were some of the important items of work carried out by the students of the College.

Literary Club

Nurses should have the skills to communicate effectively with the patient and other members in the health care team headed by the physician. The documentation made by a nurse is very important and it should be readable and concise enough for health care team members to understand and provide efficient care. With this objective, KGNC initiated the Literary Club in the year 2011 where students are given opportunity to develop their communication, reading and writing skill by conducting periodical competitions namely elocution, essay writing and debate etc.

Research Club

Research club started on 01.02.2014 to proceed with various research activities. Our SBV has a well developed central Inter-Disciplinary research facility which would extend its helping hand to nursing professionals in bringing out the valuable research activities. The Research club includes the activities of committees like IHEC (Institutional Human Ethical Committee) and IRB (Institutional Review Board). The Club enables the students and faculty to conduct extensive research on different specialties and utilize the research findings to improve the Quality of Nursing Practice, Education and Management.

Journal Club

KGNC fosters Faculty development through updation of recent scientific knowledge by sharing of information through Journal Club meet held every month. We organize a series of illuminating presentations on various topics by the faculty, P. G. & U.G Students to enhance and update their knowledge in the field of Nursing. Faculty members present on newer concepts, emerging diseases, research papers, and the students present their case reports.

Extension Activities

Extension Activities are considered the backbone of KGNC. Every year KGNC conducts several extension activities exhibiting and institutional social and civil responsibility. So as to serve the public efforts were made through these extension activities to serve the local community, society, and nation.

Commemoration of Vital Days

Our college of Nursing extends its comprehensive healthcare services to the community at large, through different approaches namely screening for specific diseases, Conducting awareness programs & camps, Mass cooking demonstration, care at PHCs, School Health programs etc. Our Medical College operates 5 health centers of our own, 2 – city center at Pondy Town and 3 Rural Health Centre at Seliamedu, Mettupalayam & Parngipet. Our institution has been allotted two more Primary Health Centers by the Directorate of Health & Family Welfare Services, Govt. of Puducherry.  One PHC at Kirumambakkam and other PHC at Nettapakkam. We are proud to add that these Health Centers are being utilized by our Nursing students, where they provide door to door health services. Also, with the great effort of our DD, MGMC&RI has adopted ten villages near Cuddalore, where our students get more opportunities to render the service peacefully, satisfactorily joining hand with community medicine department.

National Service Scheme

NSS is a permanent youth programme under the ministry of youth affairs and sports, Government of India. Development of personality of students through community service. The motto of NSS is “NOT ME BUT YOU” denotes the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of the society as a whole. NSS symbol is based on RATH WHEEL of the Konark Sun Temple of Orissa. One NSS unit consists of 50 student volunteer and one programme officer.

Classes for Communication Building to Overcome Language Barrier.

Nurses today are providing care, education, and case management to an increasingly diverse patient that is challenged with a triad of cultural, linguistic and health literacy barriers. Nurses are in an ideal position to facilitate the interconnections between patient culture and language to improve the health outcome. To bridge this gap in patient care classes are arranged in KGNC as MGMCRI has diverse patients from in and around the state. This cell provides a basic understanding for the nursing students in vernacular language i.e. Tamil language for students from Kerala, Mahe, etc by scheduling special classes in regional language.