“To establish Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College as a centre of excellence from undergraduate to post-doctoral nursing education built with leadership and research skill that is recognized nationally & globally for its standards of nursing practice”.


  • To educate and train the students comprehensively with adequate knowledge, desirable attitude and skill from basic to advanced nursing in order to practice qualitative, compassionate, holistic and evidence based nursing ethically at par with global standards with the necessary leadership qualities at all levels of care in various health care settings nationally & globally.
  • To prepare the students and faculty for career upgradation with technological advancements and research skills and continuous learning in order to take up various challenging roles/capacities in nursing profession in all settings of health care delivery.
  • To provide the students a conducive learning environment, so as to empower them multi-dimensionally to execute & excel in academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.